Silica Mining Corporation

Short To Long Term Offshore Business Opportunity

$10Bn Income Silica Mining Project
Project estimated to list on Silica Exploration Reserve in 2020
Expected profit of x10 within the first year plus dividends
Time is running out to maximize your profit!
Buy in from $1000.00 +
Earn a stable US$ income with global demand

Business Opportunity

If you’re looking for an offshore business opportunity in 2020, we have a solution for you to acquire assets in a first world country. We have partnered with a progressive mineral mining corporation with a special focus on an extremely dominant mineral, namely silica.


Our partner corporation aims to be front-runners in Silica Feedstock Mining as well as the production of Silicon Metal.

Currently, they have sole access to over 2000 hectares of prime silica material and are in the process of acquiring an additional 20 000 hectares. The value of the project will increase exponentially – an estimated 5-10 times the current project value, which will propel it into a $50Bn world-class project. 

Long term prospects include a dual listing of shares on international stock exchanges.

Once done, the company will move forward with completing the bankable feasibility study and kickstart the mining activities – the first phase of which involves exporting raw material silica pebbles, and the second phase consisting of  the production of Ferro-silica and silica metal. 

Offshore Business Opportunity Silica Mining

What sets us apart

A key factor that influences the value of silica mined in a specific location is the purity of the silica. The purer the silica, the more functionality and demand there is.

The mineral corporation recently underwent comprehensive analysis and purity tests, and the results showed a staggering 99.6% purity – a quality that is hard to find elsewhere. 

If you’d like to avoid holding these equities in your personal name, we can assist you in creating an offshore entity to hold your shares.

Silica Investment Opportunity

industry demand

Silica and its derivatives (silicates, silicones) are used in the production and manufacturing of products and materials in an overwhelmingly wide range of industries.

The silica market is currently booming with no signs of slowing down, as the use of this element is unavoidable in the production of some of the most essential industries today including the construction, solar energy, medical technology, electronic products, and the computer technology industry.

To get a more detailed description of of silica, the use in major silica industries, and a market analysis, click here to read our comprehensive silica market overview and analysis article.

According to a comprehensive report on the Silica Market done by Grand View Research, the global silica market size was valued at USD 5.22 billion in 2018 and is estimated to exhibit a CAGR of 8.6% over the forecast period of 2019 – 2026, primarily driven by the rubber industry.

Click here to read the report.  

Silica Business Opportunity


Being active shareholders in the mineral corporation ourselves, we are in the fortunate position of acquiring low-cost shares in the silica mine projected to be extremely lucrative. The corporations’ main vision is to be the leading silica feedstock and silica metal producer in the world.

Shares can be brought and sold in SA Rands (ZAR), NZ dollars or in US dollars. The company has not yet listed international stock exchanges, thus price per share will increase dramatically with time.

It is estimated that once the stocks are listed on multiple international stock exchanges, the value of shares will increase by approximately 500%.

This offshore business opportunity is ideal for individuals looking for a quick and simple investment, people who are interested in investment opportunities abroad, as well as an investment opportunity for beginners. If you’d like to avoid holding these equities in your personal name, we can assist you in creating an offshore entity to hold your shares.

Minimum investment amount starts at US$1,000.00 and has no limit. More information and a complete project outline will be provided upon formal application for shares.

CONTACT US for more information.

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