Honeybush Business Opportunity

Medium To Long Term Agricultural Opportunity

Expected Profit and Growth of x10 within the first 5 years
Young and unsaturated sector in the Agricultural Industry, with current supply insufficient for high export demand
Honeybush is in high demand for multiple billion dollar industries, including food and beverage, health and wellness, and cosmetics.
Buy in from $500,000.00 +

Business Opportunity

This Honeybush Business Opportunity is the pefect solution for individuals looking to enter the Agricultural Industry. Investing in agricultural business opportunities in 2020 can be highly profitable if you know where to invest. The goal should be to explore and access unsaturated yet valuable products that are in demand. You may have heard about the miraculous honeybush plant – the plant taking the herbal tea market, health, and cosmetic industry by storm. 

What is honeybush?

Honeybush Business OpportunityThe Honeybush cultivation and processing market is currently wide open, and the exchange rate makes it a highly profitable business opportunity, especially for export.

The Honeybush plant grows solely in the southern tip of Africa. It is a pioneer species with the ability to recover marginal soils, overcome draughts, and re-establish itself within three years of harvest or fire. It doesn’t have to be grown as a monoculture, which is highly beneficial for nature conservation. 

It is a hardy, low-risk plant that grows easily in the right zones. The ease of cultivation offers rural communities, opportunities for sustainable incomes and productivity stimulation. The plant can be processed into a wide range of popular products, some with healthy markups and high demand. These include products in the Food & Beverage- , Cosmetic, and Health Industries.

This is the youngest sector of the agricultural industry in South Africa. There are many undiscovered opportunities that await, making this an exciting business opportunity for anyone interested in Farming and Agriculture.

ABOUT THE honeybush business opportunity

Honeybush Business OpportunityThe partner company is currently launching a proposed Honeybush Cultivation Development Project in the Western- & Eastern Cape, South Africa, an area with unimaginable potential and untouched natural resources, including availability to sufficient clean water. In general, Honeybush grows naturally in only one area on the entire Globe namely the land from Agulhas to Port Elizabeth.

The company will initially boast three different profit centres which include: Agricultural, Nursery and a Processing Plant, each of them with their own significant profit characteristics. The Processing Plant is a priority as current Plants in the area cannot cope, therefore a phased-in approach could be followed with regards to the below mentioned Investment required starting with Processing, then Farming and eventually own Nurseries as well.

The profit centres will be fused together to create a truly unique and inspiring business model. In addition, the company has a vision of utilising a term “from-seed-to-shelf” made possible by the conglomerate created within the proposed model. Two crucial aspects namely ‘Source of product to be harvested’ (specific Farmers with current crops) and ‘Markets’ (LOI’s with Buyers and Distributers globally) have already been secured.


With regards to the agricultural industry in the Western Cape, Honeybush has a clear competitive advantage, two of them being ‘scarcity’ and the ‘uniqueness’ of the Honeybush plant itself. The Honeybush plant can and will only grow within the parameters mentioned above resulting in a proudly South African product/ resource. Nonetheless, the largest market for Honeybush is undoubtedly positioned within the international market. The partner company will, according to its vision, export 80% of the harvested Honeybush, with Germany (55.02%) and the United States of America (18.76%) currently being the biggest importers of Honeybush.

The vision of the company is to be the leading Honeybush producer in the world, while forming and pioneering an Industry.
The mission is to use the uniqueness of South African soil to create sustainable commercial Honeybush farming practices, construct entrepreneurial opportunities and develop agricultural-processing while consolidating and organising an industry to become the leading global player. Current 1400 jobs expected to increase fourfold (400%) in future.


Extensive research has been conducted regarding the health benefits of Honeybush, specifically its anti-cancer properties. Click Here to read a research article outlining the health benefits of honeybush tea. Add to this the fact that growing populations and industries are becoming increasingly health consciousness and aware of the health benefits offered by herbal teas. Sophisticated health-orientated markets show strong demand for Honeybush drinks and products. Early product developments have shown favorable responses from the public. 

The smart money will position their Honeybush products within major food and beverage trends as a specialty health product, and then diversify into things like ice-tea, green tea and baby products.  

In the international herbal tea category, South African Honeybush shows huge potential with zero competition from other countries. South African buyers account for approximately 10% of the demand for honeybush tea. 

International demand far exceeds supply, and there is room for significant growth in the industry. Certain Honeybush blends have an international retail value of up to 10 times more than they do on the local market.

Besides the currently known products and uses for Honeybush, there are still several unexplored markets that will emerge as the industry develops. 

This particular Honeybush business opportunity offers endless expansion, with industries such as the nutraceutical – and pharmaceutical industry, cosmetics industry and the food and beverage industry, expanding product ranges directly related to Honeybush. Worth mentioning is the global issue around diabetes and other sugar-related illnesses, where Honeybush can be used as a healthy alternative to sugar. Honeybush is 8x sweeter than conventional sugar and/or xylitol.

Read our article on the Honeybush Market for more information.


With regards to Return On Investment, we propose different scenarios to accommodate any type of investor or funding institution, with viable and attractive exit strategies which include credible security for the entire investment amount.

Investment required – flexible options between R15mil up to R79mil (phased-in approach).

Most importantly, the project aims to institute a “from-seed-to-shelf” term, this will necessitate a process of sowing seeds, harvesting plants, processing of harvest and exporting. This comprehensive model will enable the company to ensure quality, expert management and turn-key solutions to respective parties.

Lastly, there is a shortage of experience and guidance within the Honeybush Industry, therefor the company has recruited an expert team from all over South Africa to occupy this deficit. All team members have years of first-hand experience working with Honeybush and agriculture respectively, conducting numerous studies and compiling various research documents. This in conclusion provides an incomparable competitive edge.

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