Automated Forex Trading


Short To Long Term International Business Opportunity

Advanced software & artificial intelligence used to trade on international Forex markets, using Bitcoin as the base currency
Grow your Bitcoin and generate a reasonable daily profit and sustainable passive income
No trading experience required, the automated AI and high-tech software does everything for you
Daily statements of trade results provided, indicating progress & growth
Minimum of $100.00 in Bitcoin required to enter the trading pool


Are you interested in a business opportunity involving Automated Forex Trading and Cryptocurrency? This might be the perfect solution for you.
NEC has partnered with a registered company specializing in international Forex trading, using Bitcoin as the base currency. The main objective is to increase the amount of Bitcoin you own in order to create a sustainable and passive income. 

ABOUT the project

The business model is particularly valuable for cryptocurrency and trading enthusiasts, as well as network marketers looking for new business opportunities. The model works by using advanced intelligence software to trade on Forex markets using bitcoin.

The profitability comes solely from the daily trading activities. The built-in Artificial Intelligence software dynamically adjusts to the trading and market conditions, and performs automated operations on various exchanges around the globe. This means that you do not need to participate in or build knowledge on how to trade yourself, as everything gets done for you. 

A minimum of $100.00 in Bitcoin is required to join the trading pool. Your full Bitcoin payment goes to trade, and daily trading takes place Mondays to Fridays. Daily profits are derived from trading activities, and daily trading reports are delivered detailing every trade placed. 


Automated Forex Trading and Cryptocurrency Trading

Your investment, trading currency, and statements remain in Bitcoin and are never exchanged for FIAT (normal currency), meaning that you earn in Bitcoin daily. When the price of Bitcoin increases, the value of your trading account increases with it. 

Currently, there are members in more than 100 countries on 7 continents, thus the company ensures that they remain legally compliant on an international scale.

What sets us apart

With this business model and trading strategy, your bitcoin will grow slowly but steadily, with an anticipated increase of 10%-13% according to historical data. The average daily return since the implementation has been 0.5% per day. Daily profits are sustainably divided and transferred into member accounts. 

Profits from successful daily trades are allocated as follows:
– 40% to members
– 20% to binary profit-sharing bonuses
– 30% to the trading system
– 10% to the trading company

Historical trading results are as follows:
Trading days: 134
Total profit made by members (40% ): 72.0016%
Average daily profit made by members: 0.5373%

Your daily trade income is automatically compounded.


Automated Forex Trading Business Opportunity

Add to your trading account at any time, or withdraw in full or partial whenever you want with no withdrawal penalties or fees.
For network marketers, this automated Forex trading business opportunity offers an optional affiliate program in which you will receive a 10% commission for referrals, a great way to increase your growth and ROI.

It’s important to note that the company does not overstate the potential or make unrealistic promises. Trading and other bonuses are solely dependent on the daily trade results, meaning that if no profit is made for the day, there will be no bonuses paid. 


If you are interested in capitalizing on this opportunity, contact us and we will provide you with the necessary information to get started.
New Economy Club are active members of the trading company, offering guidance, support, and insights into the business model and future developments.

We look forward to hearing from entrepreneurs and business owners with a similar interests or mindsets, always looking for the latest business ventures and opportunities. This Automated Forex Trading business model fits our needs perfectly as it allows individuals to secure and grow their wealth, as well as earn a passive income in a stronger currency. 

If you are new to the world of Cryptocurrency and Forex Trading, do not let it hold you back as we will gladly assist you every step of the way, providing you with the necessary support to enter the industry. 

CONTACT US for more information.

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