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Business Opportunities 2020

Dear South African


Welcome to New Economy Club. One does not need to quote statistics to explain the nature of some world economies.  In South Africa, the economy as a whole has been depreciating steadily since 1994 (26 years), and our previously sustainable systems are breaking down. Thus, investment in business opportunities in South Africa becomes much less appealing.

Elsewhere in the world economic ‘GROWTH’ in general is also mediocre. This is not only a subjective opinion as there are very clear signs within important fundamentals, i.e. the $/Rand value, unemployment rate, and credit risks which impact our personal- and financial future. Even well-known financial gurus such as Magnus Heystek underlines the same crumbling fundamentals!

For the average South African looking for business opportunities and financial certainty, the situation seems dire.

However, there is hope…

This page will introduce you to three exciting untapped business opportunities to effectively secure and grow your wealth, wherever you live. 

For those who would like to know how to best grow and protect their wealth for themselves, their children and their grandchildren, it is not too late to act.

The question is, how does the average person (globally) preserve his or her capital?


As economies deteriorate, simple logic says that one must get your money into another currency or set of assets that are going to provide real financial growth.

This is referred to as ‘Hedging’, which means protecting one’s wealth against a weaker currency or asset over time.

If the 30-year downward trend of the South African economy continues, it would place even more upward pressure on local inflation, and erode the consumers’ buying power.

The idea of holding onto your dwindling asset classes are slowly turning into financial suicide.

Ideally, one would want to buy assets elsewhere and see it increase in value.
However, not everyone in South Africa (and elsewhere) has access to sound business opportunities to secure their wealth.

Until now… 


The New Economy Club (NEC), is a multifaceted group of business-minded individuals, who have set out to solve exactly this problem for themselves and their fellow members.

It is a business network with key insights into valuable international business opportunities.

Collectively, we are a pool of resources, ideas and information, with the function of growing wealth and certainty for our members. 

We are not financial advisers, we are personally orientated business people who inform interested parties about the financial opportunities in which we ourselves are already stakeholders.

Our primary compensation is strength through collective thinking, and our secondary compensation is the flourishing of our members’ personal wealth.

For those who need well researched financial information and guidance in these uncertain times, NEC offers intelligent ways to create real wealth with the future in mind.

About New Economy Club

At the helm of this movement stand two men. Johan and Francois are financial post-graduates and businessmen in their own right, both emerging from corporate banking backgrounds in South Africa.

We as a CLUB, are merchants of news on trending trading- and business opportunities.

We offer selected clients a diversified solution as opposed to one, potentially volatile commodity or

We further buy into selected private equity opportunities from time to time to further enhance the club’s profitability and diversification.

Furthermore, we offer mechanisms which allow funds to be legally converted into foreign- or crypto currencies required.

Lastly, New Economy Club facilitates the generation of capital profits or operating income, which can be paid monthly or compounded over the medium to long term.

The FEATURES & BENEFITS of our Business Opportunities

  • Listed and regulated blue-chip opportunities with audited financials and appropriate reporting standards
  • International wealth creation & exposure
  • Custom made solutions
  • Accredited tax, legal and accounting advice available
  • Alternative Estate planning opportunities
  • Expert perspectives that cost you nothing
  • A knowledgeable community of like-minded individuals
  • Passive income stream and ever-growing wealth
  • Financial stability and certainty
  • Wealth security through the spreading of risk
  • Privacy and confidentiality